What Are the Best Blinds for Sliding Patio Doors?

Choosing the perfect blinds for your sliding patio doors can significantly enhance both the aesthetic and practical appeal of your home. In Australia, we are blessed with beautiful weather and sliding patio doors are a common feature in many homes. But, how do you choose the best blinds for these doors? This article explores the top options available, from sleek panel blinds for sliding glass doors to blinds fitted inside the frame for a neat, integrated look. We’ll discuss the merits of different styles, ponder the question of whether blinds look better inside or outside the window frame, and reveal the top 5 blinds for sliding doors in 2023. Whether you’re renovating, building a new home, or simply updating your window treatments, this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision. So, let’s delve into the world of blinds and discover the perfect choice for your sliding patio doors.

Panel Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Panel blinds, also known as panel track blinds, are a modern and sophisticated option for large windows and sliding glass doors. They are made of wide fabric panels that slide back and forth along a track, offering a sleek and elegant look. Not only do they provide excellent light control, but they also make a powerful style statement in any room. Blind Designs reports that panel blinds are a popular choice in contemporary Australian homes.

Best Blinds for Sliding Doors Inside

When considering blinds for sliding doors inside, vertical blinds and roller blinds stand out as excellent options. Vertical blinds offer excellent light control and privacy, while roller blinds provide a clean, minimalist look.

According to a survey by Houzz, more than 60% of Australian homeowners prefer blinds that fit inside the window frame for their sliding doors. This preference is primarily due to the neat, integrated look that inside-fitted blinds provide.

Which Blinds Best Suit Sliding Doors?

Different types of blinds suit different styles and practical needs. For a modern, streamlined look, panel blinds or roller blinds could be your go-to options. For a traditional or rustic appeal, you might prefer vertical blinds or even plantation shutters. The choice depends on your specific needs, aesthetic preferences, and the architecture of your home.

What Blinds Look Best on Patio Doors?

For patio doors, outdoor blinds or cafe blinds are often a favoured choice, providing protection from the elements and adding an extra layer of privacy. These blinds are designed to withstand the Australian climate, from the scorching summer heat to the chilly winter winds.

Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Vertical blinds are a classic and practical choice for sliding glass doors. Their vertical orientation perfectly complements the long, horizontal lines of sliding doors, enhancing the perceived height of your room. Each blind vanes can be adjusted to control the amount of light filtering into your space, providing excellent light control and privacy.

One significant advantage of vertical blinds is their easy operation. They can slide entirely out of the way for unobstructed views or access to the door. Furthermore, they are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and materials, allowing you to match them with your home decor seamlessly.

In 2023, vertical blinds continue to be a popular choice in Australia due to their timeless appeal, functionality, and versatility. Whether your home features a modern or traditional aesthetic, vertical blinds for your sliding glass doors can be an excellent choice.

Inside or Outside Window Frame: Which is Better?

The choice between mounting blinds inside or outside the window frame often comes down to personal preference and window dimensions. Inside-mounted blinds offer a clean, built-in look, while outside-mounted blinds can make a window appear larger and are ideal for windows with shallow depth.

Top 5 Best Blinds for Sliding Doors in 2023

Panel Blinds: Continuing to dominate the market in 2023, panel blinds offer a sleek and modern solution for large sliding doors. Their wide, flat panels slide smoothly along a track, providing seamless light control and privacy.

Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds remain a popular choice for their practicality and traditional appeal. Their adjustable slats allow for easy light control and ventilation.

Roller Blinds: Roller blinds’ minimalist design is on-trend in 2023. Their simple operation and clean lines suit a variety of interiors, from contemporary to classic.

Smart Blinds: With increasing demand for smart homes, smart blinds have become a hit. They can be controlled via a smartphone or voice assistant, offering convenience and energy efficiency.

Sustainable Blinds: Eco-friendly blinds made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled fabrics are growing in popularity. They offer an environmentally-conscious choice without compromising on style or functionality.


When choosing the best blinds for sliding doors, consider the design of your space, the amount of light control you need, and how much privacy you want. Whether you opt for sleek panel blinds or traditional vertical blinds, the right choice can transform your home’s aesthetic and function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best blinds for large sliding doors?

Panel blinds are often considered the best option for large sliding doors due to their modern look and functionality.

Can you put roller blinds on sliding doors?

Yes, roller blinds can be an excellent choice for sliding doors, offering a clean, minimalist look.

What blinds are in style for 2023?

Trends for 2023 include panel blinds, smart blinds, and sustainable materials.

How do you measure for blinds for sliding patio doors?

Measure the width and height of your window in three different places and use the smallest measurement. You can find a detailed guide on our how to measure page.

What are the benefits of installing blinds inside the window frame?

Inside-mounted blinds provide a neat, integrated look and won’t interfere with the operation of the door.

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