Sunscreen Roller Blinds

What are Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds are the perfect window furnishing for those who are looking for daytime privacy and a budget-friendly product. Sunscreen roller blinds is a roller blinds with a PVC composite and polyester base, our sunscreen is lead free and greenguard approved. We offer a large range of colours, so you will definitely find a colour to match your home. In this article we will highlight the benefits of putting sunscreen roller blinds in your home.

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How Sunscreen Roller Blinds can help your home

Maintain a Comfortable Room Temperature:

Arguably the main reason why people choose to put sunscreen roller blinds in their homes, is to maintain and control room temperatures. This budget friendly window furnishing will help you with your energy bills as it can block heat out and keep your house cool and vice versa. Making this initial investment can help you now and in the future and help you save, so save and buy roller blinds online.

Block UV Rays:

Sunscreen roller blinds block out 95% of UV rays. This protection prevents glare allowing you to work on your computer or enjoy watching TV without any sun interruption. This protection from glare and UV also will help protect your eyes as well as your kids. So save and buy roller blinds online.

Easy to Clean:

Sunscreen roller blinds being a PVC composite makes them very easy to clean.  Surface dust may be removed with warm water and detergent. Never use abrasive products or solvent /industrial based cleaners. A simple wipe down will remove most dirt. So save and buy roller blinds online.


If you are feeling fancy or even lazy, we offer motorisation for all our roller blinds. This is simple and easy to do with our ALPHA motors. We also offer the ALPHA NEO hub that allows you to operate your sunscreen roller blinds with your phone. This also makes the blinds even more child safe. So save and buy roller blinds online.

Day Time Privacy:

The plus to sunscreen roller blinds is that they still allow natural light in, this makes the room feel more open. Providing you with daytime privacy enabling you to move freely knowing no one is peaking through during the day. So save and buy roller blinds online.

Child Safe:

Here at BOD we take child safety very seriously. All our blinds that have a chain or cord are sent with child safety clips, this goes for our sunscreen blinds that are chain operated. Although we do offer motorisation and our zero gravity system which can be used on our sunscreen blinds making them even more child safe. So save and buy roller blinds online.

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