On our products we offer a 5 year warranty across the board. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Also includes materials such as aluminium tubes, chain drives, mechanisms and components.

The warranty will not cover if you have measured a window wrong, we make our blinds to your specified size. So please double check after you have measured that everything is correct.

This warranty also does not cover any product which fails due to accidents, alterations, improper usage, abuse, misuse, improper installation, improper handling and improper cleaning. Normal wear will also not be covered this means any loss of colour or wear and tear due to the elements. Fraying and fading due to sustained use also continuous exposure to the sun.

If the blind does not roll up and down square this is due to the installation not being done correctly Blinds on Demand will not be liable. This can also happen due to out of square windows which also has no liability to Blinds on Demand. Any damage due to the fabric rolling unevenly can lead to fraying and tearing of the fabrics sides which Blinds on Demand takes no responsibility for and will not be covered in the warranty.

Timber blinds and naturally sourced materials, that have naturally grown characteristics such different grains, variation in colour, markings and texture, also minor bowing and slanting of slats. Furthermore, extreme warping of timber blinds or naturally sourced materials is excluded when installed in hot or humid areas.

Venetian blind over 2400mm will not be covered by warranty.

Railroaded fabrics will not be covered by warranty. Fabric Bagging or ‘V’ing. Larger blinds, both Hollands and screens could show fabric bagging or wavering. The width of the blind as well as the weight of the fabric contribute to this effect. Screen/Holland blinds wider than 2500mm and/or longer than 3000mm are more likely to bag. Soft backed fabric is more likely to bag.

This warranty does not cover transportation to or from our address.
Please note on PolyPlus, panels greater than 600mm in width may require an assist and lift action when closing the hinged panel into its frame or recess. This is a normal function of the product due to the flexible nature of the extrusion.

Any Blinds ordered outside of recommended max width and drop sizes will not be covered by warranty. The warranty is non transferable.

The acceptable guideline for imperfections, marks, dots etc. on.

completed product is:
– If an imperfection is visible with the naked eye in natural daylight at 1.2 metres, it is not acceptable.
– If an imperfection is not visible with the naked eye in natural daylight at 1.2 metres it is acceptable.
– Minor colour variations may occur between any colour swatch supplied and the order received, as the colour swatch is a guide only, this includes paint, stain, and lacquers.

This Guideline does not override any rights under Australian Consumer Law


Suggested text: If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website. 


All our products are custom made; this means once the orders production has started we are unable to cancel your order. If you do have a change of mind and would like to cancel, please contact us within 24 hours after you place your order.
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