Blockout Roman Blinds

What is Blockout Roman Blinds

Timeless horizontal panels that stack up above your windows, Blockout Roman Blinds. Having blockout roman blinds can elevate your home’s interior decor, with our great fabric range to suit any budget and style, buy roman blinds online and save. In this article we will highlight the benefits of blockout roman blinds and why you should choose blockout roman blinds from BOD. At Blinds on Demand we give you a great quality product, our blockout roman blinds are used with market leading fabrics by SHAW fabrics and have made alterations to ensure it lasts Australian weather. We use aluminium back battens, previously many retailers used to stitch pockets which would put holes in the fabric.

We slide our battens with a spline in order for no light leaks. We also use aluminium D clips to ensure they do not break or crack. All these changes and upgrades give us a sense of pride in our product knowing we provide you with a durable product. So buy roman blinds online and save.

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Benefits of Blockout Roman Blinds

Blockout roman blinds have many benefits beside looking fabulous. If you are looking for great insulation and privacy then blockout romans are for you. The first benefit would be the privacy that romans provide, we recommend when measuring past your architraves to get maximum coverage.  Doing this will prevent excess light coming through as you are covering the entire window opening and a bit more, giving you complete night time privacy. The efficiency blockout roman blinds can provide can help with your home’s insulation significantly. With the insulation blockout roman blinds provide it saves you on your energy bills, so make the initial investment and save in the future with blockout roman blinds by BOD. So buy roman blinds online and save.

Why choose Blockout Roman Blinds by BOD

So if you have not read the opening of this article we essentially illustrate how BOD cuts no corners in the product we provide for our customers. We use marker leading fabric by SHAW fabrics, these are tested fabrics and have been used in Australia for years. We again use  aluminium back battens which leak in no light whereas some retailers may stitch a pocket leaving sewing holes because of the needle. BOD uses a spline and pinch the fabric through the batten to ensure no leaks come through any panels. We also used metal D clips. What this does is it prevents cracking and breaking, keeping your rear cords neat and stops any tangling which can sometimes wreck the operation of the blockout roman blind. So buy blinds online and save.

We at BOD do our best to give you a high end product at the real DIY price, by cutting out sales people, commissions and onsite measurers.

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