S Fold Sheer Curtains

What are the S Fold Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are what is in! More specifically, S Fold Sheer Curtains!  We here at BOD do our best to provide you with the best product we can give you. The way we do this is through our subtle changes and going that extra 1 percent to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. This includes more fullness, we give you 120 percent fullness which means your S-fold sheer curtains will sit softer and not look so stretched, providing more fullness when stacked.

To complement this is our 50mm tape with locking pendants or studs, this will give your sheer curtain more of a solid s fold shape. We currently only offer lead weight as this will help hang your sheers a lot better. S-fold sheer curtains can be expensive going through standard retailers, so get your sheer curtains online and get the real DIY price.

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Floor-to-ceiling s-fold sheer curtains

S fold curtains that are top fixed or ceiling fit provide that waterfall effect on your windows and can even be a feature wall. It is important to make sure you have square set ceilings, if you have a cornice we recommend face-fit mounting under the cornice. It is nice to see designer homes with ceiling mount s-fold sheer curtains, however, it must be practical and cover as much of the sheer as can. The reason why we say this is because when mounting into the ceiling with a cornice it will move the track further into the room, which is not what we want. We want the sheer and track to sit as close as we can to the window. Also when you have a cornice a lot more light will leak through the sides as the sheer is not close to the wall. The way we somewhat combat this is by having the sheer go from wall to wall. Get your sheer curtains online and get the real DIY price.

S Fold sheer curtains let in natural light

The great thing s fold sheer curtains do for many people’s homes is make the room feel a lot bigger and open. The way this effect takes place is through the natural light being let in, natural light keeps the room feeling open and fresh. Keep in mind that even though natural light is filtered through s-fold sheer curtains do give you some daytime privacy the beauty of this is they can remain closed for the majority of the time, keeping your home open and stylish. So order your bespoke sheer curtains online and get the real DIY Blinds and Curtains price.

BOD offers a variety of quality finishes for S Fold Sheer Curtains.

Quality Fabrics:

We at BOD don’t cut any corners when it comes to our products, taking the time to highlight how our products are made to last and all these changes that separate us from competitors. This goes for our fabrics too! We use market leaders for our s fold sheer curtains, such as NETTEX and HOAD/GUMMERSON. Get your bespoke furnishing by buying sheer curtains online.

Exceptional insulation:

Using market-leading fabric suppliers doesn’t mean you are just getting a stylish sheer fabric but a practical insulator. All the fabrics we use are tried and tested for the Australian sun. sheer curtains give your home a layer of protection from the sun keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Get your bespoke furnishing by getting sheer curtains online.


We do not think there is much to say when it comes to S-fold sheer curtains, they sell themselves and many people understand what they are getting. No problem, we are going to explain to those who don’t know. S fold sheer curtains are what’s in right now, with its light and weightless feel it opens your rooms with a subtle wave or S-fold on the head of the sheer. This flow compliments your decor. Get your bespoke furnishing by buying sheer curtains online.

FAQs – About Of S Fold Sheer Curtains

We offer left-hand stacks, right-hand stacks, and center open.

The maximum track size is 6m however we can add a join and make them even larger.

S Fold sheer curtains stack, take up 30% of the width.

Installing S-fold sheer curtains can be found on our How to Install guides

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