How to Measure for DIY Blinds

At Blinds on Demand, we’re passionate about helping our customers achieve a perfect fit for their DIY blinds. This guide will lead you through the necessary steps, ensuring your new blinds look professional and perfect.

A poorly fitting blind can become a real eyesore, and it can also fail to provide the necessary privacy or light control you desire. Don’t fret! Armed with a tape measure and the following instructions, you’ll be able to measure your windows like a pro. You’ll be surprised how simple and rewarding the process can be.

What you’ll need:

  • Metal Tape Measure
  • Pen and Paper
  • Stepladder (if needed)

Step One: Choose Your Blind Style

Before starting the measurement process, decide whether you’re going to install your blinds inside the window recess (inside mount) or outside the window recess (outside mount).

You can find a detailed explanation about the different blind styles on our Blinds page.

Step Two: Measuring for Inside Mount Blinds

If you’ve decided on inside mount blinds, start by measuring the width of the window recess at the top, middle, and bottom. Use the narrowest measurement. Next, measure the height at the left, middle, and right. Use the longest measurement.

Follow the Australian government’s guidelines for ensuring safety when fitting internal blinds.

Step Three: Measuring for Outside Mount Blinds

For outside mount blinds, measure the width across where you’d like the blind to be. Generally, this is from the outer edge of the window trim from one side to the other. Then, measure the height you’d like the blind to cover. We recommend adding an extra 50mm to the top and bottom for optimal light control and privacy.

Step Four: Enter Your Measurements

Once you have your measurements, enter them into our online ordering tool. Remember to check and double-check your measurements before confirming your order. If you’re unsure, please consult our FAQs or reach out to our friendly team.

Broadening Your DIY Blinds Perspective

After mastering the art of window measurement, let’s expand our horizons. There’s more to DIY blinds than just the measurement steps. A myriad of factors come into play that can enhance the effectiveness, safety, and visual appeal of your blinds.

Prioritising Child Safety

Installation of blinds also demands consideration of child safety. Certain types of blinds, particularly those with cords, can be a potential risk for little ones. As per the guidelines by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, blind cords must be secure and out of children’s reach.

For those seeking child-friendly alternatives, we recommend considering cordless or motorised blinds.

Significance of Slat Size

The slat size of your blinds has a crucial role in determining their appearance and functionality. Typically, smaller slats are suitable for smaller windows, whereas larger slats are apt for larger windows.

Tailoring to Room Function

Before finalising your measurements and proceeding with your order, consider the function of the room. If it’s a bedroom, you might require blackout blinds for complete light exclusion.

Selecting the correct blinds based on the room’s function and your preferred light control is essential.

Aesthetics and Interior Design

Beyond their functional role, blinds also contribute significantly to a room’s aesthetics. Ensure that the style, colour, and material of your blinds align with your interior design. Whether your taste is modern, traditional, rustic, or industrial, there’s a blind design for you.

When to Seek Professional Help

DIY blind measurement, while an exciting project, can also be challenging or confusing for some, especially when dealing with uniquely shaped or sized windows. In such situations, seeking professional help can be beneficial. The Building Designers Association of Australia provides valuable resources and guidance in such scenarios.

Remember, a correct measurement at the first attempt can save you from future hassle, extra costs, and potential dissatisfaction. At Blinds on Demand, we are here to support you in your quest for the perfect window dressing.

Now, equipped with these considerations and a holistic understanding of DIY blind installation, you’re ready to take on this home improvement task with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. Happy decorating!


Remember, measuring for your new DIY blinds doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these simple steps and a little patience, you’re well on your way to beautifully fitted blinds. At Blinds on Demand, we’re here to make the process as seamless as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if your measurements are a bit off, most blinds offer some degree of leniency. However, for the best fit, it’s always best to try and get the most accurate measurements possible.

Absolutely! We provide comprehensive guides to help you measure and install your blinds. However, if you’re unsure, it’s always best to seek professional help.

This depends on your aesthetic preference, the level of light control and privacy you desire, and your window type.

Inside mount blinds fit within the window recess, offering a clean, built-in look. Outside mount blinds cover the entire window frame, providing more light control and privacy.

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