How To Measure
Plantation Shutters


Before you begin

A key step before you start measuring is knowing whether you would like your shutters on (known as face fit) or inside the window frames (known as recess fit).

Face Fix
Recess fit

Measure - Face fit

Measuring the width:

Measure the exact outside width of architrave in three different positions – across the top, middle and bottom.

Measuring the drop:

Measure the exact outside height of architrave in three different positions – across the left, middle and right.

Measure - Recess fit

Before you begin

There is a minimum depth requirement for shutters. You will need a minimum of 67mm of depth for L frame and Z frame.

Measuring the depth:

Before selecting recess fit, make sure you have the minimum depths for your shutters.

Measuring the width:

Measure the exact inside width in three different positions – the top, middle & bottom (do not make deductions).

Measuring the drop:

Measure the exact inside recess height from the top to the bottom of the windowsill in three positions – the left, middle, & right.

Midrail Measurement

If your drop is greater than 1800 mm you will require a midrail. When measuring the midrail, measure from the window sill (bottom up) to where you want the midrail.

We recommend that you measure the midrail in line with your mullion. If drop greater than 2400 mm two midrails are required.

T-Post Measurement

A T-Post is used to break wide windows that require more than two panels.

When measuring the T-Post, measure from left to right if window has mullion measure to the centre of the mullion. This will allow the T-Post to cover it, finishing the window off nicely.

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