How To Install

Panel Glide Blinds

Mount the Brackets

You need to determine what type of surface you are mounting your bracket to. Ensure you use appropriate plugs and masonary tools if mounting into brick or stone. It’s best to install brackets on studs if possible.

Panel blinds can only be face fitted. Our Panel Blinds can have a minimum of 3 Panels and a maximum of 5.


We recommend predrilling holes and use 25mm button head screws


We recommend a wall anchor.

Stone, Concrete, Brick, Tile

Use a masonry drill with appropriate screws, anchors and plugs
First the bracket needs to be assembled. Put the bolt through the bracket, place the claw under the bracket and match up with the bolt. Tighten the claw with the nut. Position brackets evenly across the window, ensuring height is consistent.

Mount the Track

Feed the front of the track (facing you) into the groove on the front of the bracket. Push upwards and the track will click.
3 Panel Track
4 Panel Track
5 Panel Track

Attach your Panels

All that is required is sticking the Velcro on the panels to the Velcro on the runners on the track!
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