How To Install

Roman Blinds

Mount the Brackets

Before you begin

You need to determine what type of surface you are mounting your bracket to. Ensure you use appropriate plugs and masonary tools if mounting into brick or stone. It’s best to install brackets on studs if possible.


We recommend predrilling holes and use 25mm button head screws


We recommend a wall anchor.

Stone, Concrete, Brick, Tile

Use a masonry drill with appropriate screws, anchors and plugs

Position brackets at the right height. The longer side is to be mounted onto the wall. When drilling, we advise going through the centre of the larger middle hole, allowing for height adjustment. Predrill using the brackets as a guide.

There needs to be 50-80mm between brackets, spaced out evenly to ensure the strength of the blind.

Mount the Blind

Clean hands to ensure no marks are put onto the blind.

Simply rest the head board up against the top of brackets and screw through the bracket into the headboard. Ensure you do not screw through any of the cording or mechanisms.

If it is a larger blind we recommend getting someone to assist you hang the roman.

Install the Safety Clip

A child safety clip must be installed if the chain sits lower than 1.6 metres from the floor.

We here at Blinds On Demand take the safety of our kids very seriously.

Fit the chain into the loop of the clip. Pull the clip down until it is as tight as possible without placing tension on the chain. Screw into place.

WARNING: Young children have died by wrapping loose curtain and blind cords or chains around their necks. Secure cords or chains with cord guides or keep them out of reach by winding them around a cleat. Move cots and furniture away from window covering cords or chains. Do not remove this label.
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