How To Install
Pinch Pleat and Pencil Pleat Curtains


Before you begin

You need to determine what type of curtain you’ve ordered – S-Fold, Pinch Pleat, Pencil Pleat. You also will need to determine the configuration of the curtain – Face Fit or Ceiling Fit curtain. You need to determine what type of surface you are mounting your bracket to. Ensure you use appropriate plugs and masonary tools if mounting into brick or stone. It’s best to install brackets on studs if possible.


We recommend predrilling holes and use 25mm button head screws


We recommend a wall anchor.

Stone, Concrete, Brick, Tile

Use a masonry drill with appropriate screws, anchors and plugs.

Pinch / Pencil Pleat Curtain

Mount the Brackets

Face fix

Be sure to find a stud on your wall to ensure the curtain is held securely. If no stud can be found, you are able to use hollow wall anchors or just give us a call!

We recommend putting 2 brackets on the stack side spaced at least 600mm or into the studs to ensure the weight of the curtain is held up securely.

Install the track

When installing the track you will find openings running all the way through the top of the track. The bracket will have a long lever that swivels around with a head. Feed the track into the head, be sure to have the lever facing you once the head is in the track and turn the lever so that it locks into the groove in the track. Once track is secured in the brackets, the screw can be retightened, securing the track in place.

(End brackets on side are fed into openings on side of track, if track is centre open it will be on both side, if one way open only the control side will need the track fed into that opening) Turn lever so it sits inside opening near square return at end of track.


Hang You Curtain

We are almost finished! Now we must hang our curtain.

Simply feed the hooks into runners.

We recommend starting from the overlap arm (this is the master control with the long arm) feed two hooks into the arm.

Once you get towards the end you will need to return the curtain around the track. Just feed one hook into the square at the end of the track, then place the small plastic return clip into your bracket and place your last hook through it.

Hang You Curtain

Dress You Curtain

Simply open and close your drape. Then a you open it make sure all the vertical creases between each pleat folds away from your curtain track. After this you will need to place your finger behind the top of the space and pinch a crease in between each pleat.

You are all done!

Now keep an eye on them to ensure they stay in place. In most cases they are perfect however if they do move simply crease again The curtain may have a few wrinkles due to transporting, these will drop out and settle over time.

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