How To Install
Zero Gravity

Preparing For Installation

Please read the roller blind installation sheet, this will instruct you on how to correctly install brackets.
Note: The blue shipping lock is used to lock the tension in place during shipping. Please do not remove this until stated

Installing The System

Insert the pin end of the blind into the bracket.

Insert the hooked end into the other side bracket and ensure the Zero Gravity head sits on the hooked teeth firmly.

Before inserting teeth, remove shipping lock. Be careful not to press the hex plunger as this will release the tension, which is not required yet.

Insert the teeth, this should compress the hex plunger which releases the tension onto the shade.

Testing The System

Always operate the shade from the centre of the bottom bar.

Ensure that the shade is balanced and does not want to roll up or down on its own. If it does, then the spring will require more or less tension to be perfectly balanced.

If the shade requires more tension, turn the zero gravity head into the fabric, ie opposite direction to the fall of the fabric.

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