How To Install

Plantation Shutters

Construct the frame

Before you begin

Check your ‘Measure’ sheet to determine the configuration of the shutter.

You need to determine what type of surface you are mounting your bracket to. Ensure you use appropriate plugs and masonary tools if mounting into brick or stone.


We recommend predrilling holes and use 25mm button head screws


We recommend a wall anchor.

Stone, Concrete, Brick, Tile

Use a masonry drill with appropriate screws, anchors and plugs

If the frame is already assembled – if it is a large panel, remove the panel.

The frames will be labelled as left (L), top (T), right (R) and bottom (B). Lay the frames face up on your protected workspace, following labels clockwise. Mitres on frame corners are joined using a nylon key (Hoffman Key). Push each frame piece together, halfway on each key, until mitres are neat. Push until the Hoffman keys are flush with the back of frames.

Construct the frame

First you will need to check if your window is square; this can be done with a leveller. If the window is not square, use packers to  ensure the frame sits square in the window. You will now want to lift and sit the frame in the window and drill through the frame.

Hang the shutter panel

You will need to line up the two parts of the hinge while holding up the panel then just feed the pin through the hinge.

Frameless U Channel

You will receive two channels – one being slightly bigger than the other. Screw the middle of the bigger channel to the top of your recess and the smaller one to the bottom.

Hang the shutter panel

You will need to feed the panel into the top channel first (the bigger one) then release it so it falls into the bottom channel (the smaller one).

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