How to combine Sheer and Blockout Curtains with Roller Blinds

When it comes to sheer and blockout curtains, both provide different benefits and finishes. Sheer curtains are light in weight, whereas blockout curtains come in a thicker material.

Sheer curtains are adequate to maintain privacy by filtering the sun and providing natural light, but do not provide complete sun control and privacy. In contrast, blockout curtains are the most effective window covering for sun control and privacy.

Both of these curtains are an ideal solution to redecorate your room interior with a classic and stylish look. They are cost-effective solutions that come in different fabrics, colour selections and finishes.

Curtains are great for most situations and have been consistent throughout time. With different personalization benefits, many people want to combine these curtains – Is it possible? Let’s get your answer through this guide.


What Are Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains are made up of soft fabric material; they are lightweight and easy to carry. It is a cost-effective solution for your window coverings that controls outside lighting and maintains privacy for your residential or commercial space. It is easy to buy sheer curtains online from Blinds on Demand.

What Are Blockout Curtains?

Blockout curtains are made of thick fabric material; they are heavier than sheer curtains. It is an ideal window covering to block outside lighting completely during the day or night time. It is highly suitable for theatres, bedrooms, and offices, and it also provides complete privacy and maintains room temperature. Order your custom-made blockout curtains online from here.

(i) Sheer Curtains Over Blockout Curtains

When choosing sheer curtains over blockout curtains, it will make your room look a lot bigger and provide a softer finish to the room. Sheer curtains are excellent for new modern houses in collaboration in blockout roller blinds. This is the ultimate modern window furnishing combination.

(ii) Blockout Curtains Over Sheer Curtains

Blockout curtains in comparison to sheer curtains are great for insulation and privacy. This is great in combination with a screen roller blind as this provides day and night privacy without completely enclosing your room.This layer provides adaptive alternation for light regulation and aesthetic look. Additionally, you can check how to layer sheer and blockout curtains. and make it a more secure room in your house.

What Are The Benefits Of Curtains?

You’re living in Adelaide city in Australia. so, choose it sheer curtains adelaide for your home. what are the benefits while choosing curtains details are mentioned below.

  • It can help reduce outside noise
  • It provides privacy.
  • It helps to maintain room temperature and airflow.
  • It protects furnishing and interior decor from fading in the UV rays.
  • It customises the light level in the room and is suitable for seasonal requirements.
  • A combination of two fabrics provides a traditional and stylish look to your window.
  • A perfect eye-catchy combination enhances your room’s finsih.


In the final wrap-up, we would suggest you combine sheer and blockout window furnishings to improve your day and night time privacy, as well as improving your interior decor. This combination gives numerous benefits, as mentioned above. You can layer both of these curtains in two different methods, either sheer over blockout roller blind or blockout over screen roller blind.

Sheer curtains mounted over a recess fit blockout roller blind provide an elegant look with the sheer mounted under the cornice or ceiling. Blockout curtains over screen roller blind provide a gentle and luxurious look. The choice is yours – you can choose which combination you would like!

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