What is better for your blinds? Recess or Face fit?

If you have chosen the perfect blinds online for your windows, it’s time to decide and determine whether you would like them recess (inside) or face (outside) fit.

The way you choose to mount your blind will make a big difference in the final results. It not only affects your look, but it can also impact on your light-blocking capabilities.

Generally, blinds are fitted two different ways: recess fit and face fit. Many people search for both of these fitting types so they can choose the effective one for their home. This article is for those who are searching for the difference between recess and face fitting.

Here you will understand the difference between the two mount types. This article will allow you to come to your own conclusion on what you would like in your home. We will highlight both the pros and cons of both recess and face fit. Before moving on, what is recess fit and face fit? Before, selecting the blinds for your home, you can check what is different between Shutters vs Blinds. it helps you to choose the best products for window treatments.


(1) What Are Face Fit Blinds?

Face-fit blinds are mounted on the front or face of the window or doors. It is one of the most effective ways to mount your blinds. Face fitting your blinds can make your windows appear larger and helps to maintain your privacy. When installing blinds onto your architraves, it is also referred to as ‘face fixing’, ‘face fixed’, or ‘face fit.’ Nowadays, most of the windows in Australian homes are covered with face-fixing architraves.


  • It provides excellent lighting control.
  • It is effective to gain complete privacy.
  • It extends beyond the age of the window, which makes it look larger.
  • It can also improve climate control
  • Face-fitting blinds are effective for stylish finishing and also provide a tidy finish.
  • They are highly flexible with installation and measurement.
  • It allows you to enjoy sleep by providing complete darkness.
  • Is suitable in most situations


  • Exposed brackets
  • Blind protrudes from window

(2) What Are Recess Fit Blinds?

Recess fit blinds are also referred to as a ‘recess fixing’, ‘inside mount’, or ‘recess fixed’. This blind is installed within the window recess. The blind covers the glass portion of your window and exposes your architraves. With this fitting, blinds are mounted inside the window frame. It allows clearance between the blind and the window so blinds can sit close to the window glass.


  • Hides Componentry and Brackets
  • Blinds sit closer to the window.
  • Helps with temperature control.
  • Sits flush in the window and do not protrude.
  • Easily paired with other window treatment.


  • It provides less privacy compared to face fit blinds.
  • It may obstruct the window handle.
  • Not suitable for all situations

Wrap Up

Both of the fittings have their own pros and cons. We are sure you will find the best option for you by reading the above information. Choose the best blinds and mounting option by ordering your suitable blinds online.
Generally, face fit blinds are more common as they do not require a window depth and avoid window handles. However recess fit allows you to combine other window furnishings elevating your inter decor eg blockout roller blind and a sheer curtain So stop waiting and select your blinds and improve your windows with better light-controlling effects. Blinds On Demand also offer DIY Blinds and free samples so that you can ensure the quality of fabrics.

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