How to layer sheer and blockout curtains?

When it comes to sheer and blockout curtains, both of them give different perspective benefits. Sheer curtains are light in weight, whereas blockout curtains come in thicker material.

Sheer curtains are adequate to maintain privacy but do not provide complete light blocking from outside. In contrast, sheer curtains are the most effective window covering treatment that keeps lighting away from entering the room and complete privacy.

Both of these curtains are an ideal solution to redecorate your room interior with a classic and stylish look. They are cost-effective solutions that come in different fabrics and colour selections.

Curtain layers are a slight trick to choose from because if you don’t combine them properly, it will waste your money and time. With different personalization benefits, many people want to combine these curtains – Is it possible? Let’s get your answer through this guide.


What Are Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains are made up of soft fabric material; they are lightweight and easy to carry. It is a cost-effective solution for window covering treatment that controls outside lighting and maintains privacy for your residential or commercial space. It is easy to buy sheer curtains online from different websites.

What Are Blockout Curtains?

Blockout curtains are made of thick fabric material; they are heavier than sheer curtains. It is an ideal window covering treatment to block outside lighting completely during the day or night time. It is highly suitable for theatres, bedrooms, and offices, and it also provides complete privacy and maintains room temperature. Order your custom-made blockout curtains online from here.

How Can I Layer Sheer and Blockout Curtains?

You can layer sheer and blockout curtains with two different methods:

(i) Sheer Curtains Over Blockout Curtains

When you layer sheer curtains over blockout curtains, it provides softness facing inside a room and also improves sleep disturbance by blocking outside lighting. It is a perfect layering curtain style for a contemporary twist on a traditional and luxurious window treatment. Two different well-matched fabrics are easily noticeable and improve the visual appearance of the window.

(ii) Blockout Curtains Over Sheer Curtains

When you layer blockout curtains over sheer curtains, it will block outside lighting during the day and night and also offer complete privacy. It will allow natural light to enter only when you open the blockout curtains, whether it is daytime or nighttime. There is no need to close sheer curtains because they are adequate to enter natural sunlight. This layer provides adaptive alternation for light regulation and aesthetic look.

What Are The Benefits Of Layering Curtains?

You will get numerous benefits when you layer both of these curtains together, such as:

  • It can help reduce outside nuance or voice.
  • It provides complete privacy.
  • It helps to maintain room temperature and airflow.
  • It protects furnishing and interior decor from fading in the UV rays.
  • It customizes the light level in the room and is suitable for seasonal requirements.
  • A combination of two fabrics provides a traditional and stylish look to your window.
  • A perfect eye-catchy combination enhances your room’s beauty.


In the final wrap-up, I would suggest you layer sheer and blockout curtains to improve your interior decor. This combination gives numerous benefits, as mentioned above. You can layer both of these curtains in two different methods, either sheer over blockout or blockout over sheer.

Sheer curtains mounted over blockout curtains provide an elegant look with a longer length, whereas blockout curtains over sheer curtains provide a gentle and luxurious look. The choice is yours – you can choose the layer based on your interior decor. Plenty of websites are selling high-quality and various fabrics and materials for curtains and blinds Online. But it is necessary to choose a reliable one that provides high-quality curtains in an affordable range.

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