What are the best blinds for your Kitchen?

Putting blinds in your kitchen can be confusing as it can be wet, hot and moist due to cooking and cleaning. Here at BOD, we offer many types of window furnishings to give you the best kitchen blinds for your home. Now let’s figure out what the best kitchen blind is for your situation.

Kitchens are used quite often and have fluctuations in temperature which can alter the type of window furnishing you choose. If you do decide to buy blinds online through BOD we are going to highlight what we would recommend for your kitchen blinds. Windows in your kitchen the majority of the time are over the sink, this means water is usually present. So we will need to pick a product that is water resistant, this would include roller blinds and Venetians. All of these window furnishings would be recommended for kitchen blinds.


In this section, you’ll write about the best kitchen blinds. Below are some points to consider when writing an article.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are always a good choice, being so versatile, affordable, and not to mention very stylish. Putting a roller blind in your kitchen provides a simple look and easy install as well as easy operation. At BOD we only use the best fabrics provided by SHAW fabrics, with most fabrics being water-resistant and easy to clean. Kitchen blinds need to be very durable and our fabrics are just that.

Double Roller Blinds

As stated above roller blinds are always a good choice. Having double roller blinds as your kitchen blinds will provide better UV and temperature control with the sunscreen and blockout blind allowing you manoeuvre in your kitchen freely. We would only recommend a sunscreen and blockout rather than light filtering as it is a lot finer than the others and can get damaged in wet areas.

Venetian Blinds

Our venetian blinds are composed of PVC which is perfect for wet areas. We offer Australian-made Venetians allowing you to buy blinds online letting you get the real DIY Blinds price. Blinds on Demand’s Venetian PVC Blinds can hold up to 55C I’m (degrees celsius). Our Tuscany Venetians come in a 55mm and 63mm slat creating a similar look to a plantation shutter but at half price.


We hope this helps you with your decision-making for your kitchen blinds key is to understand what will my window furnishing put through. So what are you waiting for! Buy blinds online right here at BOD and save, get the real DIY price.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at info@blindsondemand.com.au

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