What are the Best Blinds For Sliding Doors?

Australia’s windows and sliding doors are some of the largest in the world, so we need to decide on practical and stylish window furnishing. Here at BOD, we offer some of the best blinds for sliding doors and in this article, we will highlight what some of our window furnishings can do for your sliding doors. We will show you the best blinds online such as Panel Glide Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, and of course Sheer curtains. It is important when measuring and deciding on your modern sliding glass door blinds to understand the most practical way of doing this. For example, we need to separate blinds for sliding doors, having one on the opening (where the door opens) itself and others where there is no opening. We essentially break down the window into pieces.


BOD helps you select the best blinds for sliding glass doors

Panel Glides Blinds For Sliding Doors:

Panel Glide Blinds are a great option for sliding doors as they are easy to operate, and chainless making it safe for pets and kids when passing through the sliding door, this is a key feature of this blind. Another handy feature of panel glides for your sliding doors is the majority of the time you are able to have it on track making operation easy and convenient whereas other window furnishings may require a few blinds. Panel Glides also provide a polished finish as they stack neatly behind each other when open allowing natural light and a view.

Roller Blinds For Sliding Doors:

You can never go wrong with roller blinds in any situation. They are very versatile and budget-friendly blinds for sliding doors. Roller blinds are handy for sliding doors as it enables you to break down different parts of your sliding door, for example closing one blind while one remains up allowing you to enter and exit outside freely while maintaining some light control on one window. To get the most effective usage as well as the easy operation would be to motorize or use our zero gravity system to make this child safe.

Roman Blinds For Sliding Doors:

Romans are good if your sliding door gets hit with the afternoon sun as this is one of the most efficient window furnishings in terms of insulation and privacy. However, Roman Blinds for sliding doors can be tedious to use with the cord and stacking. Again it would be recommended to break down the sliding door to have one blind on the opening of the sliding door for easy access. At BOD we always provide a clip to put your loose chains or cords, as Romans use a cord it would not be recommended for sliding doors unless secured properly. If you own pets loose cords can get chewed on or worst case pulled.

Sheer Curtains For Sliding Doors:

If you want the most elite look then this is for you, the Sheer Curtain. Sheer Curtains running wall to wall provide the ultimate feature wall whilst still filtering and allowing natural light in. These are child safe as they are wand operated and can be cord operated however it is recommended to use a wand on sliding door blinds. The key way to make this practical while still being able to exit freely is to have your stack side on the side your sliding door opens. For example, if your sliding door opens to the right you would want your sheer curtain stack side to be on the right also hiding your sliding door. Another plus to sheer curtains is you are able to run one track all the way through making it easy for you to operate.

Vertical Blinds For Sliding Doors:

Vertical blinds for sliding doors are similar to panel glides in that you are able to run one window furnishing along the whole window. To make access easy we recommend choosing sewn in pockets for the weight finish as this still allows you to walk in and out however can be tedious. When it comes to sliding door blinds we have reiterated it is important to try your best to avoid any chains or cords, the same goes for vertical blinds. We offer chain and wand operated for this window furnishing so if you do decide remember to select wand operated. Vertical blinds are handy in that you can control how much light you would like in your home with their tilt mechanism. In terms of having this as a sliding door blind it is similar to a sheer curtain in that you would prefer to have the stack side the same as the sliding door.


Sliding door blinds can be tricky however we hope this article has helped you in your decision and what’s best for your needs and home. So buy blinds online and save on your modern sliding glass door blinds.

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