How To Pair Curtains and Blinds

Combining curtains and blinds can provide the complete home magazine finish to your home! This collaboration also helps with energy efficiency allowing you to lower your bills, also blocking harsh UV rays and protecting your furniture and flooring from sun damage and fading. This pairing offers the maximum benefits and provides an aesthetic look to your home.

This mixing of texture, patterns, and styles can be a grand experiment. The final result will be attractive and provide other additional features like light, temperature control, and privacy maintenance. However, mixing curtains and blinds can be tricky. This article will share some essential tips on pairing curtains and blinds so that you can make informed decisions.


What Are The Ideal Options For Pairing?

The beauty about window furnishings is the flexibility! All this is based on preference however we will give some examples so you get that home magazine finish.

These are the most popular pairing that you can use for your home

  • Sheer Curtains over Blockout Roller Blinds
  • Blockout Curtains over Screen Roller Blinds
  • Sheer Curtains over Plantation Shutters
  • Blockout Curtains over Sheer Curtains
  • Sheer Curtains over Blockout Curtains

You can buy custom-made blinds online from here. You will get a variety of fabrics, styles, and colour options, making it easier for you to choose the best combination for your home.

Why You Should Combine Curtains And Blinds

The main advantage of using curtains and blinds is that they provide the finishing touch and a more aesthetic look to your window. This pairing also gives some certain types of benefits, such as

  • Light controlling effects
  • Stylish look
  • Maintain privacy
  • Easy to adjust natural light
  • Retain heat in winter
  • Cool during summer
  • Mix and match the vibrant design
  • Use a different colour scheme

What are the Factors I Need To Consider While Pairing Curtains And Blinds?

Here are the below tips that you should consider before ordering curtains and blinds. Additionally, the Best Blinds For Sliding doors or others. read it.

(i) To get Natural light, Hang Curtains Over Blinds

If you love natural light like us, here is the combination we would recommend. The S Fold Sheer Curtains and blockout roller blind combination is by far the most popular collaboration. The sheer curtain allows for filtered light during the day allowing for natural light leakage keeping your space open and the blockout roller blind allows for night time privacy. The blockout roller blind installed in the recess (inside) of the window and the sheer S-Fold curtain.

(ii) Choose the Best Option for a Bespoke Finish

Home magazines and the majority of designers love the Sheer S-Fold Curtain and Blockout Roller Blind combination. However there are alternate combinations such as Blockout Curtains and Screen Roller Blind. If you really want to add that WOW factor you could motorise the roller blind with our Alpha Motors, this adds modern technology to your home. This allows you to have a stylish finish with a twist of easy usage.

(iii) Choose Better Colour Scheme

When deciding on colours, you want to stay consistent with your existing decor or even go a shade lighter. When selecting the Sheer S-Fold remain consistent or a shade lighter than existing decor and for your blockout roller blind again remain consistent with the Sheer S-Fold curtain.


So what’s in? As you can tell from the article, clearly the Sheer S-Fold Curtain and Blockout Roller Blind are what’s hot! The practicality of a blockout roller blind for temperature and privacy control.

For those who don’t have any budget issues can choose the pairing of curtains and blinds. This combination is an excellent choice for an aesthetic and more stylish look.

It provides complete finishing to your home. By reading all the above factors, you can choose the best option for your home.

From here, you can order blinds and sheer curtains Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and other cities. If you’re still unsure about quality and colours order 5 FREE Samples or shoot us an email at

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