Which plantation shutters are the best?

Deciding on what to cover your windows with can be tricky, Blinds on Demand offer Sheer curtains, Roller Blinds, and Roman blinds however people tend to forget we also offer Plantation Shutters. This window furnishing can upgrade the finish to your home. Over the last few years plantation shutters have become very popular in modern homes.

If you do decide to purchase Plantation Shutters it is important to understand the functionality and style best suited to your home. For example, the frame type as we offer three different frames; L-frame, Z-frame, and U Channel. Also, the mount type whether this is inside or outside mount. Moreover, read it What are the Z and L Frame For Plantation shutters?


What are the Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are one of a kind and very popular window furnishing that many people use to upgrade their homes. It provides a timeless look consisting of horizontal slats or louvers.

It can be titled to open and close to avoid sunlight or outside lighting. You can find some through this link buy plantation shutters online.

PolyPlus Plantation Shutters

At BOD we offer PVC VOC free shutter. This gives you the durability of PVC without any harsh chemicals. PolyPlus shutters are extremely popular in today’s market and help control light and heat for your home. It offers impressive light, temperature, privacy, and noise control. We offer different frame types and mount positions, and also a very low maintenance product.


  • They are more durable.
  • Perfect for wet or moist areas
  • They are energy efficient and provide complete privacy.


  • Their size can be limited for proper fit and functions.
  • Bulky compared to other window furnishings


Every window treatment has different pros and cons, so according to your needs, you can choose Blinds Online the best window covering treatment for your home. Shutters offer a low-maintenance timeless look to your modern home. It is a great long-lasting investment to your home.

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