What are the Z and L Frame For Plantation Shutters?

Once you have decided to use Plantation shutters for your residential or commercial space, you need to understand their different frame styles and suitable mount types thoroughly. Unlike other window covering treatments, shutters fit inside or outside the frame. You will have to decide on the correct framing and mount type to add the plantation shutter to your home.

Choosing the right frame for your plantation shutters is crucial, especially for the practically of its usage and making installation easier. Plantation shutters will provide a slick modern finish to your home. Shutters are available in three different frame types: L-frame, Z-frame, and U-frame. Also, Allow for recess or face fit mount on your window frame.

So, what is the best plantation shutters frame for you? Let’s run through some details.


What is a Shutter Frame?

The shutter frame is the support system that holds your panels by either hinges or sitting inside the U Channel. At BOD we offer only PVC shutters which are VOC free, this means they release no harsh chemicals.

  • Z-frame
  • L-frame
  • U Channel

What is a Z – Frame?

Z-frame plantation shutters are one of the most common and convenient frames. Z-frame is shaped as a “Z”, this shape is great as it can hide any out of square windows and will reduce light gaps in comparison to the L-frame. This frame can only be installed in the recess (inside) of your windows.

What is a L – Frame?

L-frame can be installed recess (inside) and face (outside), this type of frame is shaped as an “L”. This frame looks amazing when done correctly, L-frame can show light gaps and imperfection in your window however this can be fixed through caulking the light gaps.

What is a U Channel?

A U Channel is simply a frame shaped like a “U”. This frame option is good for windows you will not open as this frame is fixed. This option is the easiest to install as the panel will sit in between two frames.


Should I use Inside or Outside Mount for my Shutters?

Before choosing the mount tye we must understand the different mount types. First we have inside mount or recess fix this is where your shutter is installed inside your window opening. We also have outside mount or face fix and this is where the shutter is mounted on the outside of the window opening or onto the architraves.

Inside mount is more popular and somewhat easier to install than outside. Inside mount sits beautifully as this provides a seamless consistent finish to the window. This works best when your windows have a large depth. However inside mounts may not be suitable when window winders are in the way or if any obstructions sit inside however this does not mean you cannot fit them inside if window winders are present, just ensure you have enough room to mount frame and its perfect!

Outside mount is good when you have too many obstructions or not enough depth. Outside mount can only be done with L-frames, this finish is mounted on the face of the window onto the architraves. This can protrude out essentially sitting outside the window.



Plantation shutters come in different frame options including Z-frame, L-frame, and U channels. All these frames are highly effective and will help improve the overall look of your home. Also, Buy blinds online from blinds on demand at a reasonable price.

To get more expert guidance, reach us at: info@blindsondemand.com.au.

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