What Blinds and Curtains give you the best privacy for your home?

Curtains and blinds are not only used to elevate your interior decor but for your privacy! We at BOD believe we have your windows covered with the Best Blinds for Privacy. In this article, we will highlight Blinds and Curtains for Privacy. We make it easy to keep your home private with our How To Measure and Install guides, as well as ensure you are getting the real DIY price with our market leading quality. You can save by buying blinds online and doing it yourself.

Now moving into what kind of privacy our blinds can provide. Households will sometimes like privacy for the day and sometimes for the night, this is why we offer many fabrics to accommodate day and night purposes. Blockout fabrics will create the best Kitchen Blinds and Curtains for Privacy as they will completely block the light out, this is what we would use for night time and even day time privacy. Then we have screen fabrics for roller blinds which is excellent for day time privacy, this will prevent neighbours from seeing you during the day and also allowing some natural light but maintain your day time privacy. For curtains, we offer sheer curtains which do not completely provide day time privacy however will give some privacy and filtered light.

Which Blinds provide the best privacy?

Double Roller Blinds:

Double Roller Blinds are by far one of the best blinds for privacy. This combination gives you daytime privacy with the screen and night time privacy with the blockout. We have two types of ways in offering double roller blinds, you can order them on the same bracket however this can have some light leakage but is completely private. On the other hand, we install the screen on the recess (inside) and the blockout on the face (outside). The reason for this creates coverage on the face with the blockout covering the entire window opening.

Sheer Curtains:

When it comes to blinds and curtains for privacy, many of these work better in combination. Sheer curtains are great aesthetically and filter light beautifully however does not give you complete daytime privacy. Sheer curtains do give great daytime privacy however some fabrics are finer than others, which means some sheers provide more privacy than others. However, in combination with either blockout roller blinds or a blockout curtain this can up your privacy.

Blockout Roller Blinds:

If you are on a budget blockout roller blinds are the best blinds for privacy. Blockout roller blinds completely stop light whether it is the day or the night making it perfect for privacy. This is most effective when face (outside) fit mounted onto the architraves, this will cover the window opening covering the entire window ensuring nothing is visible.

Blockout Curtains:

If you are looking for blinds and curtains for privacy then look no further than blockout curtains. Blockout curtains are timeless window furnishing always in style and very versatile and most importantly provide great privacy. The fantastic thing about blockout curtains is that you are able to make them much bigger than your windows, for example mounting them into the ceiling or under the cornice and making them wall to wall. This coverage is not only great for privacy but also insulation, as this essentially becomes a feature wall in essence when wall to wall.

Roman Blinds:

Roman Blinds must be measured correctly in order for it to achieve the best possible privacy. The way this is done is by measuring above and past the architrave or window. Roman Blinds are predominantly used in blockout fabrics however can be done in light filtering and screen fabrics however since we are trying to achieve privacy, blockout fabrics would be recommended. Again the best blinds for privacy are ones that are able to cover the entire window opening which Roman Blinds accomplish.


Blinds and Curtains for privacy are best utilised when both screens and blockout are used, this will give you perfect day and night privacy. Get your DIY Blinds online right here from BOD for the best blinds for privacy!

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