Best Soundproofing Blinds for windows

Many people tend to forget the practical side of blinds and what they can offer your home. One of them is that they are great for sound, meaning they can limit the amount of noise entering your home. Soundproofing blinds include double roller blinds, curtains and roman blinds. Blinds on Demand does its best to give you the real DIY price when you buy blinds online. We offer market leading fabrics and parts. 

How to soundproof a room with blinds

Soundproofing blinds for your rooms is relatively easy however it does require a little bit more investment than usual. The best way to soundproof a room is by layering your blinds, this means having two window furnishings on the same window. For example with curtains we would get sheer curtains and a blockout curtains to provide a layer of fabric across your windows. Blinds on Demand gives you great value when you buy blinds online.  

Double Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are the best value for money and can be customised in many ways. Double roller blinds are great soundproofing blinds with the collaboration of sunscreen roller blinds and blockout roller blinds. There are two ways we can utilise roller blinds to soundproof a room, the first one is using a double bracket or dual blind. This is where we will have a single bracket that holds two blinds, keeping the blinds close. The other way is having one in the recess (inside) of your window and the other on the face (outside). It is important that that face fit or outside roller blinds is under roll this will ensure our blind sits right up against the window architrave, creating a layer enclosing your window opening making this one of the great soundproofing blinds. Blinds on Demand gives you great value when you buy blinds online.  


Curtains are probably one of the best soundproofing blinds to put onto your windows. Again the best way to soundproof is by layering and we will do this with a sheer curtain and a blockout. We can have a pencil pleat blockout closer to the window and then an s fold sheer curtains this will help with soundproofing as well as add texture with the sheer curtain at the front. Curtains are a great addition to any home, with its timeless look in combination with our great quality fabrics from NETTEX and HOAD. We would also recommend going past the window for complete privacy and getting the full effect of soundproofing blinds. Blinds on Demand gives you great value when you buy sheer curtains online.  

Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds are a designer product that adds that wow factor to your home, they are suitable for your living room and bedrooms. Roman blinds have horizontal panels that stack up when pulled with a cord. If you decide on roman blinds as your soundproofing blinds we would recommend you measure past and above your windows, this will completely cover your window enclosing noise in your window opening to an extent. Blinds on demand gives you australian made roman blinds at the real DIY price when you buy blinds online.  


Soundproofing blinds are best when layered for your windows. The best soundproofing blinds are double roller blinds, roman blinds and curtains. Blinds on Demand gives you great value when you buy blinds online.  

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