Panel Blinds vs Curtains: Which is the better window furnishing?

Panel Glide Blinds and curtains are both great blinds in that they both provide privacy, style and light control to any room in your home. Depending on the application panel glide blinds and curtains can be more advantageous. For example the best blind for a sliding door would be a panel glide blind. Both of these blinds can be used for large windows with one track in comparison to other blinds. Here at Blinds on Demand we offer many fabrics, colours and textures for your panel glide blinds and curtains ensuring you find something to suit your interior decor. Both of these blinds are a great compliment to your home. Use Blinds on Demand for your DIY blinds online and save.

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Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Glide blinds are great for wide windows and openings. In most situations you will be able to use one track to cover a large opening making it convenient and taking up less space. Blinds on Demand offer a large range of colours and fabrics to ensure you find what best suits your interior decor. Panel blinds are also very easy to operate, simply use the wand to move them. Using a wand also makes them child safe in that there are no chains, cords or loops. Panel blinds for sliding doors are perfect in that they make it easy to stack and keep out of the way. Panel blinds for sliding doors are excellent as they are mounted onto one track keeping all operations simple. So save and buy blinds online.

What are the advantages of Panel Glide Blinds? 

  • Space saving
  • Child safe
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Energy efficient

So save and buy blinds online.


We at Blinds on Demand try our best to give you the best blinds online and that also goes for our curtains, buying Sheer curtains online can help you save without compromising on quality. Curtains provide many advantageous features and elevate the interior of your home. Firstly the style, curtains look fabulous in any room, especially sheer curtains when in collaboration with blockout roman blinds. Blinds on Demand offers many colours, textures and fabrics for you to choose from so you can decide what best suits your home. Similar to panel glide blinds, curtains in most situations can be mounted on the same track, saving space. Curtains are great insulators keeping your house cool and help you save on your bills.

Which, you can select a variety type of fabrics like Triple Pinch Pleat, Pencil Pinch pleat and s fold sheer curtains at affordable prices.

What are the advantages of Curtains?

  • Style
  • Space saving
  • Energy efficient
  • Light control

So save and buy blinds online.


Panel blinds for sliding doors are perfect as well as sheer curtains. Both of these blinds have great features and characteristics that can be added to your home to give it that designer finish. Use Blinds on Demand for your DIY blinds online and save.

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